Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Swelling Stinks!!

Today was pretty busy for me!! Starting yesterday, I had the doc appointment, then I went shoe shopping with my mom and bought a new pair of cute shoes. Then I went out for dinner to The Cheesecake Factory with my good friend, Kelly. Today I went to my nani and grandpa's house and they taught me how to make meatballs!! I asked them last week because I've always wanted to know their recipe. Even though I really didn't DO anything except mix up the ingredients, now I know all the stuff that goes in them (yeah don't ask for the recipe...it's top secret!). Then my mom, sister, Uncle Anthony, cousin Andrew, Auntie Ro, and cousin Tony came over and we al had pasta and meatballs for lunch. Delicious :-)

After lunch I went for my haircut which turned out very cute. Then I went to call my mom to pick me up to discover that my phone had died. Literally. Not from batteries, it just decided to stop working!! I haven't dropped it or anything and it's only 8 months old!!! Instead of asking the hair salon to use their phone (long story...lol) I decided to walk home since, by car, it's only about 3 minutes away. Yeah...3 minutes in the car is about 25 minutes by foot. Add into the equation 2 swollen, recently-operated on feet, and a bloody blister from my new shoes, and it was hell. The heat didn't make it more enjoyable either. By the time I got home, my feet were the most swollen I've ever seen and they hurt horribly. I iced them for about 2 hours, kept them elevated, and took an anti-inflammatory. That helped, but they still really hurt. I have them tightly wrapped in bandages to control the swelling too. Tonight I went for dinner with my mom and sister to Culvers. I was supposed to go out with one of my friends from high school but my feet hurt way too bad.

As for the dry skin...I exfoliated in the shower again for about 15 minutes and my feet look amazing!! Haha I massage Vitamin E oil into my feet and they're super soft and healthy. The scabs that formed over my incisions/scars are almost completely off (I can peal them off since they and all of the surrounding skin are dead). It's nasty but it's so nice seeing completely fresh skin. From what I can see, the scars don't even look like scars!! Since he used dissolvable stitches, I won't have the rail-road look, it'll just be a faint line on the side of my foot. Anywho, I can feel my tootsies hurting again so I'm gunna ice em for a while before bed.



Anonymous geena said...

swelling STINKSS

June 29, 2006 6:02 PM  

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