Monday, June 26, 2006

3rd Post-Op

It's been 26 days from my surgery and I just got home from my third post-op visit. I took final X-Rays and the doc said they were perfect and exactly what he wanted. He told me that my bones are about 95% healed and that I can start exercising, running, all that. He also said that I can wear flop flops as long as I'm not in a really crowded place because direct trauma still poses a threat. He said that nothing I can do will make the healing process go faster. All that will heal them is time. The scabs from my incisions are starting to fall off and the dry skin is coming off more everyday. He said all I have to do is wait for the swelling to go down, the skin to heal (the incisions are completely closed up now), and to get my confidence and range of motion back. He also said that I don't need to bandage my foot during the day, only at night when swelling is the highest. He said that the bones are healed but now the soft tissue (aka skin and muscle) needs to heal. So...yay :-) back to normal (almost...hehe)!!


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