Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Little Painful Lately

For the last few days, I've been having some mild pain in my feet. Mostly in my big and second toes. The swelling has gone down a lot, but now the bruising is there. The black and blue marks on my second toes have gone down a lot and the coloration is almost back to normal.

The black and blue mark on the inside left of my foot is starting to go away as well, but you can see on the right side it's getting worse before it gets better. The whole black and blue mark should be gone or much better within a few days.

This is a picture of the bruise on my outer right foot. I took off all the iodine yesterday so it doesn't look as bad. You can also see the black and blue mark from the previous picture on my other foot.

I've had some weird bruises on the tops of both of my feet. Up close it's almost like the skin is dead...I'm hoping that it's just from a clamp or something from the surgery and it'll just heal on it's own. I'm going to ask the doc tomorrow. Here's another pic from the other foot:

I'm not doing anything today...just laying by the pool like yesterday for a few hours and tonight going for pizza with the fam. I'll post tomorrow after my doctor's appointment...I'm praying that my feet look ok...


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