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Hi everyone. Because I get frequent comments with practically the same questions asked, I figured I would do a FAQ post so I don't have to keep answering repeatedly.

It has been 5 years and 7 months since my double bunionectomy. I am now 26 years old. Remember I was 20 when I had the surgery and I do think my age was a positive factor in my quick healing. My doctor was surprised at my fast healing (I remember him saying, "You must drink a lot of milk." Uhhh false! I hate milk). Also, this is just MY experience. Your podiatrist is the expert as everyone is different.

Lastly, please remember to go through the archives on the left (May, June, and July 2006) if you want to see pictures/details.

How long did it take before you could stand without crutches?
I never had crutches. My podiatrist told me to start walking the day of my surgery. I was scared and it hurt, but everyday I forced myself to walk a little or at least to stand without support.

Did you to go to physical therapy?
No I didn't. My MD never mentioned it, but if you're not young or active, he/she might suggest it to enhance range of motion.

Did you lose any range of motion?
Not at all. I began walking (i.e. my parents forced me) the minute I got home from the hospital. The doctor told me at first to walk only to and from the bathroom, but this was only for a couple days. If you don't walk and/or put pressure on your toes the way you normally walk, you will lose range of motion because the scar tissue will build up. Trust me on this one, suck it up and walk! Your feet won't break.

When could you wear gym shoes?
2 weeks.

When could you drive?
2 weeks

When could you get your feet wet?
2 weeks. 
When could you walk barefoot?
3 weeks (in the house only).

When were you able to jog/run/exercise?
3 1/2 weeks (26 days post-op), I got the OK from the doctor to do these activities as long as no trauma occurred. So NO soccer (football?) to my British readers!

When were you able to wear heals/flip flips?
*Flip flops take longer than regular does because your toes grasp the shoe to move forward
Flop flops at 3 1/2 weeks (26 days post-op); heals I don't remember but it was significantly longer. Again, no trauma may occur. So don't wear open-toed shoes to a bar or to a crowded store or lift anything heavy enough to hurt you if it lands on your feet! With flip flops/sandals, you may need to watch the placement of the straps if they go right over your scar. Always keep an extra band-aid on you!

Do you have a scar?
That generally happens when your skin is completely cut open ;-) Yes, I do but they are barely visible. They do need extra moisturizing during the dry times of year (e.g. midsummer from pool chlorine, low-humidity winter, etc.).   

How long did the pain last?
The worst of it was 4-5 days. Vicodin was my friend during that time. Make sure you take it ON SCHEDULE. So it you can take it at noon and again at 6 and again at midnight, take it at exactly those times. If you wait because you're not in any pain, it's because YOU'RE ON VICODIN! Trust me, take it anyways because once the pain came, the meds did not take it away. Wean yourself off after about 4-5 days or as tolerated, the sooner the better though in my opinion. 

How long did the swelling last?
I ended this blog at 6 1/2 weeks and thought my feet were back to normal. They weren't! Comparing my feet now to how they looked in those last pictures, I now know that it took several months for ALL the swelling to go down. 

Have the bunions come back?
Not that I can tell! I have metal pins in my big toes keeping them straight so I don't think they'll be moving anytime soon!

Any regrets?
Not at all. Getting them both done at the same time was right for me at that time in my life (20 years old, at home for summer break, no job/kids/man haha).  

Do you have any trouble going through airport security?

Can you personally email me?
Sorry, but I will only communicate via comments in my blog.    

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